A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop In The Ocean is a ground breaking documentary feature about the adverse impacts of human activity on the world’s oceans and the practical steps that everyday people can take to mitigate these impacts. Shot entirely within Australia – and utilising an audience friendly panel show format – it focuses on the three biggest challenges to ocean health and offers three viable, practical solutions. The future of the planet is in good hands… Ours.

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A Drop In The Ocean highlights three potentially catastrophic impacts of human activity on the oceans and our health:

  1. Plastics – think Pacific gyre, marine wildlife impacts, poisoning
  2. Pesticides – think agricultural run-off, reef impacts, dead zones, toxins/metals in the food chain
  3. Over-consumption – think reduced biodiversity, fisheries collapse, loss of food stock

As a response to this deadly troika of environmental hazards, the film posits three achievable fixes:
·         Hemp – the ultimate, easy to grow natural fibre, used for centuries before plastics
·         Organic agriculture – no and/or low pesticide farming, polycultural planting
·         Smart shopping – sustainable seafood choices, educated shoppers, the greening of grocery buying

By linking human activity on land (agriculture, consumption) to ocean impacts (fishery depletion, pollution) and thus back to us (food sources, climate change), A Drop In The Ocean joins the dots and underlines its central thesis: that a profound disconnect between ourselves and nature has created an enormous imbalance; one that threatens to see us literally eat ourselves out of house and home, or even to death.

The solution therefore, is reconnection – and that journey begins with you and me. We are the little drops that together make up the ocean on which we all depend.

However, rather than focus on big scale political action, A Drop In The Ocean concentrates on how we can all help by changing our purchasing decisions and consumption patterns. In other words, green action through what we buy and do.

A Drop In The Ocean is the story of small change making big change.

By utilising the panel show format A Drop In The Ocean will directly engage key, targeted communities across the country, both urban and rural.

As an example, the first panel show event was filmed in St Kilda at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron on July 29, 2015. The focus was on plastics and over consumption – in a densely populated urban community living by the beach.

As the July, 2015 event in St Kilda demonstrates, the producers were able to leverage their existing networks within the green space to put together a mini ‘who’s who’ of Australian based environmental action.
·         Graz van Egmond: CEO – Banksia Foundation
·         Neil Blake, OAM: Baykeeper – Port Phillip EcoCentre
·         Kristen Jackson: Deputy President – Parks & Leisure Australia
·         Dr Paul Sinclair: Director of Environment Campaigning – Australian Conservation Foundation
·         Ian Walker: Director of Conservation – Conservation Volunteers Australia
·         Judith Alcorn: Head of Waste Management – Melbourne University
·         Peter McLean: CEO – Keep Australia Beautiful



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